Pupils Urged To Walk Or Ride To School This Week

bikesYou might notice more St Mary’s school pupils walking or cycling to Carn Gwaval this week.

The Five Islands School is taking part in a national campaign designed to discourage parents from driving.

And Sue Hodgson, who has helped coordinate the event, says children here are going the extra mile by including cycling to school as part of the Sustainable Travel Week, renamed ‘Ride or Stride to School Week.’

Sue says it’s a chance to encourage pupils to either walk or cycle to school and hopefully “to develop the habit” in future.

Each day the kids are being taught a key message that highlights a health and fitness benefit of leaving the car at home.

On Thursday, for instance, the children will be reminded that walking with other pupils is a great social activity.

And the environmental awareness includes anti-littering messages.

And at the end of the week, children will assess the success of their sustainable travel event by keeping a daily log of how many pupils have come to school by alternative means.

The take-up was high in 2014 and Scilly was placed at the top of the national league tables last year.

It isn’t a competition because not all kids can take part, but the kids will learn from the experience.

And the highest achieving class will be highlighted in a special assembly.

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