Council To Tackle Knotweed At Moorwell Site

japanese-knotweedThe Council says they’ll work with other agencies on the islands to try to tackle a plant described by conservationists as one of the world’s most invasive species.

There have been surveys of Japanese knotweed in Scilly for years and the former Environmental Trust launched a drive to log its spread back in 1997.

But a recent assessment of the soon-to-be demolished Moorwell incinerator site, undertaken to ensure compliance with wildlife legislation, has confirmed the weed’s presence at the northern boundaries of the area.

The Council say it has come from outside their land.

They say they will now discuss how to control it with the Wildlife Trust and Duchy.

Last year, the government listed ‘failure to act’ when knotweed is on your land as a form of anti-social conduct and there were moves to fine individuals up to £2,500 for not tackling the plant’s growth.

Companies who allow the weed to get out of control could face a fine up to £20,000.

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