Irish Rower In Good Spirits After Pacemaker Operation

gigs on strand 2015The Irish rower who was flown to the mainland after his collapse during Gig Weekend is making a good recovery in Treliske.

69-year-old Peter Cavanagh had a pacemaker fitted yesterday.

His friend and Captain of the Arklow Rowing Club, Charlie Dayman, says Peter is in good spirits and the prognosis is good.

He’s full of praise for the kindness of islanders and thanked the community on St Mary’s and St Agnes for the level of support they gave everyone.

He says the staff at the Turk’s Head made sure they were fed, even when they turned up late, and Troytown campsite operator Sam Hicks also made them as comfortable as possible.

Peter and his brother Eamon are well known at home as the first Irishmen to row the Atlantic, back in 1997.

Even so, Charlie says he can’t believe he’s been the subject of so much media attention and has lost all memory of his two days on the islands.

He will be well enough to return next year, certainly as a spectator, but Charlie says it will be difficult to keep him out of the boat.

During the weekend, the Arklow rowers were also grateful to St John Ambulance First Aider Beryl Read.

She helped Peter and his fellow rower Ron who fell off the Rechabite Slip wall. And she assisted a female crew member who fell off their trailer while packing it up.

Charlie jokes that their bad luck was down to bringing over a team of thirteen and says they’ll add an extra person in 2016!

They’d like to stay on St Mary’s next time, and would be grateful to hear of anyone who can accommodate their crew.