Porthloo Resident Stages ‘Sit In’ Protest Over Mound

patti brooks 1Kier Construction has agreed to remove some of the dredged material piled up at Porthloo after a guesthouse owner held a sit-in protest on top it.

It’s been deposited as part of the St Mary’s Quay extension works.

Patti Brookes contacted Radio Scilly yesterday to complain that her business, Annet Cottage, was suffering because the mound blocks her guests’ view.

She says her small B&B has lost thousands of pounds in bookings and returned deposits.

Patti accepts that the work needs to be done but yesterday’s delivery of more sand and silt was the last straw.

She told Radio Scilly that “it’s got to stop” after seeing the mound increase in height to around nine feet.

Yesterday Patti spent three hours sitting in front of Kier’s digger on the sand pile to prevent the use of the vehicle.

The view from Patti's window.

The view from Patti’s window.

“I felt enough was enough,” says Patti.

She says the company MD was aware of her grievance but she felt he didn’t care.

Radio Scilly contacted Kier to outline Patti’s concerns at lunchtime and they suspended works to discuss her complaint.

Yesterday afternoon Patti came down from the pile when the company agreed, in writing, to add no more material and bag and remove some of it.

The company will also take away the tyres that are holding down the covers. They’ll replace those with holding pins, which they say will look better.

Rients Jan Veldkamp from Keir says they’ve now appointed a full-time Project Community Liaison, Adrian Bowser, who starts on Monday.

He will be responsible for ensuring that the community and local businesses are informed of on-going project operations and will be the contact for any queries and comments.

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