Scilly Leading The Country In Superfast Broadband

Fibreoptic cable arriving at Porthcressa last summer

Fibreoptic cable arriving at Porthcressa last summer

Scilly has one of the highest take-up rates for superfast broadband in Britain.

And St Agnes is the island with the greatest numbers of business users who have made the switch. 21 of the 24 premises on St Agnes are using it.

Across the islands, 450 premises are now connected.

Superfast Cornwall says that one in three properties on the islands have upgraded to the fastest internet service.

The cable laying between Cornwall and Scilly last summer presented BT with of one of their most ambitious projects to bring fibre broadband to a remote community.

It included diverting part of a 939km undersea cable between Cornwall and Spain, which had remained unused on the seabed since 2006.

Until superfast broadband arrived, we were reliant on a service provided by a radio link between Land’s End and the islands.

The old link was beset by poor speeds and sometimes just ground to a halt when there was extra demand placed on it, such as during Gig Weekend.

Ranulf Scarbrough, Superfast Cornwall Programme Director for BT, says the take-up is, “an astonishing achievement when you consider the relatively short time – just six months – it has been available on Scilly.”