Conservationist With Scilly Connections In Top 50 List

Lucy McRobertA conservationist who has worked with Scilly’s Wildlife Trust and contributed to Julie Love’s Radio Scilly Wildlife Show has been named as one of Britain’s ‘Top 50 Conservation Heroes.’

Lucy McRobert has been included on the BBC list, alongside household names like David Attenborough and Chris Packham.

People within the sector felt that Lucy met their criteria of “influence and potential.”

She has also been recognised for her writing and blogging and gives the Scilly shrew credit for her success.

She says one of her earliest published articles in BBC Wildlife magazine was about a quest to find one of the unique rodents during her first trip to the islands four years ago.

Lucy says getting a piece published in such a high profile magazine gave her the confidence to pursue writing further.

She set up ‘A Focus on Nature,’ a network of around 1,000 young conservationists, which was used to recruit two Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust personnel recently.

Lucy says her time is Scilly has made her passionate about the positive benefits of conservation

She feels the islands are lucky to have some fantastic examples of plants and animals that aren’t seen anywhere else in Britain, and which are a wonderful driver for our tourist industry.