Island Views Inspire American Country Music Track

US Country singer Tim Buppert

US Country singer Tim Buppert

An American country music artist has recorded a song about St Mary’s – even though he’s never been to the islands.

It’s been written by Roger Bourne, a Devon-based songwriter and music publisher whose company composes tracks that are sold to recording artists, TV or movie companies.

He gave Nashville-based Tim Buppert his composition, ‘Sunny Harbour Morning,’ which was inspired by a trip to the quay.

Roger spent a week in Scilly, taking boat trips around the islands, and he wrote the song about his experiences of the view across the harbour.

Roger wants islanders to send pictures that can be added to the music video of the song and says it could promote tourism here.

The track will be available online soon after the closing date for photo submissions of 31st August 31st.

You can find details here.