New MP Says Rest Of Constituency Can Learn From Scilly

Derek Thomas

Derek Thomas

Scilly’s new MP says it is “an honour and a privilege” to serve in the St Ives seat, the most beautiful part of Britain.

Derek Thomas was elected for the Conservatives on Friday. He stood before in 2010 and, despite the success of party colleagues across England, Derek says he didn’t take victory over the Lib Dems in this seat for granted.

He said during the count, it was even less clear this time round who was in the lead.

Derek says that having Conservative MPs across Cornwall and Scilly could be useful in forming a coherent approach to key issues, such as transport, job creation and communication infrastructure.

And he says he intends to be accountable and accessible.

He’s visited Scilly ten times since 2010 and will host regular surgeries here. And he thinks that the rest of the constituency in West Cornwall can learn from the way Scilly deals with its economic and social challenges.

Derek has acknowledged the public support he’s had from the Steamship Company Chairman Andrew May. But he says that won’t influence his views on transport issues or the subsidy call from operators planning a return of a helicopter service.

He says he won’t show any favour or priority and will do what’s right for the area.

Recently AgustaWestland Chairman Graham Cole has repeated his commitment to helping start a rotary passenger service again.

Former MP Andrew George felt that a new operation should receive some government support because the Steamship Company has received state aid for their Land’s End Airport works.

Derek says the government should only get involved with a new helicopter route if private money has proved the service is sustainable first and it shouldn’t jeopardise the viability of the existing transport options.

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