Letter Calls For Change In Senior Council Roles

town hall 8A councillor has written to all Scilly’s elected members to ask them to support his bid to be the new Vice Chairman of Council.

And Cllr Adrian Davis has set out why believes there needs to be changes in the senior ranks.

In his letter, Adrian says there is a lack of accountability and transparency within the Authority, referring to the recent employment tribunal brought by the former Deputy Chief Executive, Neville Gardner, over unpaid holiday entitlement.

That decision went against the Council, who had to pick up the costs as well as pay Mr Gardner’s time off in lieu.

They were also criticised for their handling of the case by the judge.

Adrian’s also concerned over the suppression of a report into the former Head Teacher of the Five Islands School.

He outlines issues over “familiarity and relationships” in recent senior appointments in the Authority and says the savings achieved by the New Chief Executive as part of the controversial restructuring of the Town Hall had to be “winkled out” by a councillor at the last Full Council meeting.

That was when Theo Leisjer admitted that the new staff bill had soared by £300,000 instead of the £400,000 saving he had promised.

Adrian writes: “There is a feeling felt by some islanders that fundamental issues are not being addressed and I believe that this is also felt by some members.

“I do not envisage any improvement in this situation unless these views are aired where the power lies.”

Adrian says he’s aware that some of his views have upset the current Chairman Amanda Martin and says he has written to her to explain his position.

And he doesn’t want the Council to be dis-united with, “several critical decisions pending.”

He ends by imploring members to “challenge more” so they are properly representing their electorate.

Both Cllr Martin’s Chairmanship and the seat of the current Vice Chairman Cllr Gaz O’Neill will be put to the vote for the coming year at Tuesday’s Full Council meeting.

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