Four Cruise Ships Mark Busy Weekend In Scilly

The Marco Polo

The Marco Polo

It’ll be a busy weekend of cruise ship visits in Scilly.

Four are expected over the next two days. The largest, the Marco Polo, has 750 passengers on board and will arrive from Dublin at 9am tomorrow.

Passengers will visit St Mary’s and Tresco.

At 10am the Ocean Nova will arrive from Alderney with 70 guests and they’re off to both Tresco and St Agnes.

And on Sunday, 120 passengers from the NG Explorer will visit Tresco with 100 from the Serenissima getting a chance to see St Mary’s.

But an early forecast of poor conditions has discouraged one ship.

The Voyager, which would have boosted visitor numbers by 500, has cancelled.

Mike Nelhams of Tresco Estate spoke to their representatives to try and change their mind but he says the captain has made alternative plans.

They’ll continue from Holyhead to Falmouth.