Scilly’s Polling Stations Open But Result Expected To Be Latest In UK

polling station scillyThe polling stations are open for you to vote in the general election. And we’re likely to have to wait longer than any other voters in Britain to hear who will be our MP in the next parliament.

St Ives is predicted to be the last of the 650 seats to declare a result.

All the other Cornish constituencies are expected to announce the winners at 6.30am tomorrow. But the logistics of getting ballot boxes from the four off-island polling stations means that they won’t be taken to the count at Carn Brea in Redruth until first thing tomorrow.

After the polls close at 10pm, the boxes will go to the cells at St Mary’s police station for safe keeping.

The Council has booked three seats for the papers and a Council worker to accompany them on an early Skybus flight in the morning.

Candidates will also be hoping for a fog and wind-free Friday because bad weather could mean waiting even longer to hear whether or not they’ve been elected.

If poor conditions stop flying, the papers will be carried to Cornwall on a jet boat, although the counting for the St Ives seat will start at 10am on Friday whether or not Scilly’s ballots are there at the start.

It’s expected that we’ll know who our MP is at around 1pm on Friday – six hours after the most remote seat of Ross, Skye & Lochaber in Scotland.

Sergeant Colin Taylor says he intends visiting all five polling stations on all five islands. It’ll be the first time he’s been to all five inhabited islands in one day.

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