Tregarthens Coxswain Calls For Changes To Championships Governance

WPGC Womens Finals

Tregarthens gig crossing the line first in Sunday’s Women’s finals.

The coxswain of the Tregarthens crew, stripped of their World Gig Championships title, wants a change in governance of the competition.

And Colin Jenkins has called for an end to the Facebook abuse directed at the Newquay rowers who were later declared winners.

Colin alleges that the Newquay cox obstructed the St Mary’s club boat and whilst he’s angry with him, Colin says their women rowers should not be subjected to unpleasant and harsh comments on social media.

He says the rowers “did what they were supposed to – they were rowing.” Colin lays the blame firmly on the Newquay team’s coxswain.

He’s called for a change to the “back of a fag packet” organisation of the championships, in line with mainland rowing events. And he says that visiting rowers he’s spoken to support that view.

In particular, Colin feels there needs to be a process which allows both parties to put forward their case if there’s a dispute.

He said it shouldn’t be up to one person to make that call, citing the Newquay Championships committee, which he says uses three people to investigate any incident after taking the views of the coxswains involved.

Colin says it was an incredible disappointment to be told they’d won and minutes later to receive a call from a friend warning him that Tregarthens had been disqualified. He can’t understand why they weren’t told before they started celebrating.

And he feels that if St Mary’s were disqualified, then the Newquay crew should have been also on the grounds of zigzagging and obstruction.

Colin says he and his crew are grateful to locals for their support, which he says, “means a lot.”

He says he’s sorry for not being able to keep hold of the trophy, “even though we had our fingers touching it.”

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