New Waste Contract Awarded To St Mary’s Firm

moorwell dump with truckThe St Mary’s-based firm that has been shipping waste from the Moorwell refuse site to the mainland has been awarded another 12-month contract.

United Environmental Solutions was one of two companies that tendered for the work, which will cost just over £330,000.

The contract involves the removal of 200 tonnes of bottom ash from the soon-to-be-demolished incinerator, 100 tonnes of crushed glass and approximately 864 tonnes of black bag waste.

The company was formed from a consortium of Blackwell Building Services, Richard Hand Haulage and a mainland shipping firm, although recent waste has been transported on the Gry Maritha by the Steamship Company.

They cleared around 3,500 tonnes of household rubbish from the unsightly ‘Moorwell Alp’ early last year, following a ruling by the Environment Agency that the site could no longer be used to store waste long term.

The Council says it plans to introduce recycling collections from households later this year although a start date hasn’t yet been confirmed.

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