Cricket Club Gets Grant For New Equipment

Tresco cricket pitch

Tresco cricket pitch

The Treasurer of Tresco Cricket Club says a £1,000 donation from the Scilly Lottery fund means they can get more islanders playing the sport.

Andrew Lawson says the grant will buy new bats, pads and gloves for right and left handed players and pay some of the club’s running costs.

He says they’re short of funding and it’s difficult to raise that sort of money from the members alone.

He hopes the club can also provide more training for the islands youngsters – Scilly’s players of the future.

On Tuesday, The Guardian reported that cricket was one of the biggest growth sports amongst young girls. Andrew says the great thing about the sport in Scilly is that it is inclusive and anyone can get involved, no matter what your level of experience.

Tresco beat St Mary’s for the first time in seven years last Summer and Andrew says they’re hoping to repeat it “more than once” this year, although he admits it’ll be tough after losing a couple of their key players this season.

He says they’ll miss Alasdair Moore, who was one of their best batsmen and also a big social figure in the club. Alasdair moved to the mainland last week.

But Andrew says they also have some new players who are keen to learn.

Tresco have their first game against St Mary’s this Thursday, starting the season a couple of weeks earlier than usual.

They’re also planning games against St Martin’s as well as St Agnes, if that island has enough players for a team, says Andrew.

And he says they’re keen to encourage more visiting teams over, especially when there’s more accommodation available later in the season.