New Book Offers Scilly Treasure Hunt

rubys fun guideIslanders and visitors will be able to hunt for buried treasure this summer with the launch of a new guide encouraging readers to crack clues to gain the goodies.

Author Chris Sturman has just published ‘Ruby’s Fun Guide,’ which recommends seven Scilly activities and restaurants for a week-long stay, as seen through the eyes of his pet terrier.

But whether the reader is a dog lover or not, Chris reckons that the chance to find hidden treasure will create some excitement.

Solve the clues and you could be the new owner of a 1609 ‘Piece of Eight’ from the HMS Association wreck that he says is worth up to £400.

You’ll need to find the plastic tag in a waterproof container, buried around four feet deep, that contains a password and his contact number.

He says there’s no metal so you can’t find it with a metal detector.

The contest goes live from 1st July and Chris reckons the treasure should be tracked down by August.

The book is available on Amazon and eBay now and Chris hopes to have it stocked on the Scillonian and at the Paper Shop soon.