Success For Scilly’s Women Crew

tregarthens round 2There was success for Scilly’s women in the Tregarthen’s gig in the Round 2 races yesterday. That’s the Nut Rock to St Mary’s race

The St Mary’s crew were first in their Group A heat.

Tresco and Bryher’s rowers won the Group G Women’s Round 2 in their 13 year old Scilly-built gig Emperor.

And the Islander crew came second in Group D

Although the sea conditions were better than on Friday night, visibility did deteriorate as the afternoon progressed. The weekend’s mist caused a delay to result publishing and the WPGC Committee has made some changes to their finishing line operations after they had problems checking gig placement using video footage.

The Friday evening veterans results weren’t published until Saturday lunchtime.

Chairman Rich Persich said ‘hiccoughs’ caused by mist and water on the camera lens obscured gig names. That made them hard to identify.

Club President and former St Mary’s Harbourmaster Geoff Penhaligon has volunteered to oversee the quayside finishing line operations.

St Mary’s Police say that the second evening of the event was peaceful on the island with nothing to report apart from very heavy rain at around 11pm, which wasn’t appreciated by officers on foot patrol or campers.

Today’s rowing starts at 10am with the Women’s Round 3 heats and the Men’s at 11.45am. The Women’s Final will be held at 1.30pm and the Men’s final at 3.30pm.