Scilly’s Chaplain Blesses New Dutch Gig

amuda gig blessing may 2015
A brand-new gig built in the Netherlands has been blessed and launched on the Rechabite Slip this afternoon.

Watched by a large crowd, Canon Paul Miller read prayers and sprinkled the boat with holy water from the River Jordan.

The new boat has been built to Cornish Pilot Gig Association specifications out of Dutch Elm by Anton Mulder for the Royal Dutch Sailing and Rowing Club, based on the Ijsselmeer lake near Amsterdam.

It’s the first gig he’s built, although he’s done repair work for boats from various clubs in the Netherlands.

And Anton managed to keep the name to himself until now, but it was finally revealed to the crowd following the blessing.

It’s called the Amuda.

Anton’s wife Kitty says that’s the Latin name for the ancient Dutch town, Muiden, where they live.

After the traditional sprinkling of champagne, Paul read a poem by Dartmouth club member and stalwart of gig rowing in the West Country, Kevin Pyne.

The piece included the lines:

“We row with ghosts from another time,

and we row in the self-same way.

And although we are tough, they were tougher,

back in their now long gone days.”