St Agnes Rowers Have Secret To Gig Success – Chocolate

shah barWhile some mainland rowers will have been following strict diets devised by nutritionists ahead of this weekend’s championships, St Agnes gig rowers are banking on chocolate bars to give them a boost in their bid for victory.

Maddy Goudsmith, the chocolate maker behind The Little Island Chocolate Company, says they wanted to add a plain milk chocolate product to their range of bars flavoured with scented oils made from flowers on St Agnes. And they were also keen to promote the islands’ gig.

So they’ve come up with the ‘Shah Bar.’

Maddy willl be rowing in position three in the Veterans race tomorrow and the main event starting on Saturday.

She says all the crew will be offered the new bars before the competition, which she hopes will help them do well in their old gig.

And after the weekend, the chocolate could support the St Agnes Gig Club, with a percentage of the sales going to help maintain the boat.

Maddy also intends making the most of a Scilly place name, with another new chocolate product. She says their new dark chocolate bar will be named the ‘Gugh Bar.’

You can buy a Shah Bar in the Farm Deli in Hugh Town.