Kier Harbour Update 30th April

Here’s an update on Harbour Works sent to Radio Scilly and Scilly Today.

Kier are currently undertaking the construction of improvements to St Mary’s Harbour.

The improvements include a quay extension, quay widening and passenger/freight facilities within and around the existing Harbourside building.

The current situation is:

Quay Extension:

The dredging is now been complete and the KML dredge barge has returned to the mainland. The jack-up barge has been moved into position at the quay head and a receipt frame for the precast blocks has been positioned on the sea bed and cast into place. Concrete to secure it has been cast, and this requires three days to cure. During gig week their works in the harbour are suspended (and the jack up barge temporarily moved away from the quay head and the finishing line) but the pre- casting works on the Quay Extension concrete blocks will be continuing in Plymouth.

The delivery barge has been loaded with the first shipment of concrete blocks and has arrived at Falmouth in readiness for the final journey to St Mary’s.

With effect from week commencing May 11th Kier are planning to work 24 hours a day and forecasting that all blocks will be in place by the mid July. The new quay extension should be ready for use from mid-August 2015

Quay Widening:

Works are due to commence on site towards the end of June subject to receiving approval from the MMO for a licence variation by mid-May. In the meantime the production of the precast blocks continues in Plymouth, with the team finalising the installation method with our supply chain sub-contractor. .

Most of the dredged material at Porthloo will be used as backfill within the Quay Widening works and to create a temporary working platform. The surplus material may be used for the sea defence works at Porthloo if timing allows. Kier are working together with the Council and Duchy to find a solution to minimise the impact to the stockpiled material to the local residents.

Passenger and freight facilities (including Harbourside building )

The new footway along the quay is now complete and open for use.

The steel work for the new ticket office and the balcony is due to arrive in June and work will start on the construction of these elements for completion by early July. Works to the new freight office are due to commence as soon as the temporary chiller store has been connected to a power supply. The old chiller will donated to IFCA and relocated to their facilities.

Kier say it recognised that some work will be proceeding through the busy summer period and Kier will work with the project team and the community to seek to minimise the impact of this element of the works, mindful of the needs of the Island to function as a popular tourist destination.

Accommodation – Parting Carn

Kier are setting up a site compound for ten sleeper units to house 20 personnel. However we will continue to use various guest houses and hotels to house our operatives as the project moves into the summer months.


Kier are proud to announce we are supporting the IFCA lobster tagging programme and

Finally, Kier would like to wish all the gig teams every success in the upcoming championships and look forward to witnessing this sporting spectacle.