Scilly Featured In Stunning New Tourism Videos

tourism video april 2015Scilly has been featured in a stunning new tourism video commissioned by VisitBritain to promote our region. And it’s been created by a pair of filmmakers who pitched for the job on the internet.

Richard Paris Wilson and Tommy Nagle run ‘We Are Cowboys’ a London-based video agency.

They entered an online competition on the website, an open platform used by filmmakers to pitch for work.

And within days they were on the road filming for their videos.

Richard had never been to the Isles of Scilly before, and says the tight schedule meant they didn’t get a chance to sit down and decide what to film beforehand.

But he says that worked to their advantage because they just “got swept away in all the incredible things to do” in Scilly.

Luckily, Richard says they had a producer, Ross Lindgren, here on the islands to make sure they got to their next location in time.

Richard says they thought it would be a slower pace of life outside London, but they were constantly on the go during their one-day visit, getting on and off boats to different islands, and it was something they tried to capture.

And he says everyone in the islands welcomed them with open arms into their businesses and homes. He says they could have easily spent a week here.

The video features beautiful views of the islands, activities such as seal watching and Tresco’s Abbey Gardens, and local craftspeople like jeweller Fay Page.

But unusually, there are lots of close-ups of locals, including St Martin’s resident Zoe Julian and boatman Paul Osborne.

Richard says filmmakers try to find ways to capture the tone and the mood of a place.

They came up with that idea of focussing on faces because they felt the “texture of Scilly is as much in the people living here as in the environment.”

He was struck by the lovely sense of community here and says after just a couple of hours, it seemed like they’d been here for weeks.

The filmmakers felt the trip over to Scilly on a Skybus Islander plane was “pretty special” compared to most journeys.

That was incorporated in the video and they even got a special circuit of the islands before landing.

Richard says it put into perspective how small the islands are and was a lovely introduction to where they were going.