‘Rare’ Bird Spotted By St Agnes Resident

Bob Dawson

Bob Dawson

One of the islands’ keenest birdwatchers has spotted a very rare bird that wouldn’t generate any interest back at home in Scilly.

St Agnes based Bob Dawson was on holiday in March in the India region of Goa when he spotted a sand martin in the resort town of Colva.

They are really rare in India and only a handful has ever been sighted across the sub-continent.

It is classed as a ‘vagrant’ meaning if it’s seen it is a rarity and is off-course.

Bob couldn’t believe what he was seeing in the distance, so got closer to identify the bird from its characteristic brown breast band.

Bob is unsure where it came from, as he doesn’t know where the nearest breeding population is located.

He filed his report on an online bird-sighting registry, which had no previous records for this species in Goa.