Islands’ Rotary Club Launches Nepal Earthquake Appeal

Nepal_Earthquake_2015The islands’ Rotary Club has launched a fundraising drive to help victims of the earthquake in Nepal. And it’s hoped that the generosity of visiting gig crews will boost the funds raised for emergency aid charity, Shelterbox.

There’s going to be a collecting jar inside the tunnel just off The Strand as well as the usual town centre donation points, including St Mary’s Post Office.

Rotary Club Secretary Ivor Martin says their meeting on Monday unanimously backed a national call from the club, asking for each district to raise at least £100.

The money will go to the Shelterbox charity based in Helston. They dispatch tents filled with water purification kits, emergency tools and life saving essentials to areas hit by disasters.

Rotarians recently launched a fundraising drive for Cyclone Pam victims in the South Pacific nation of Vanuatu. The response wasn’t as good as that of recent appeals, but members still raised £590 including a single donation of £100, which purchased one Shelterbox.

Ivor says they want to get the money for Nepal in quickly before people’s interest in the plight of the tiny nation starts to fade.

The cash is usually collected in sweet jars, which are given to businesses willing to host a donation point. President David Maybrey says they could do with more of those.