Food Hygiene Ratings To Restart In Scilly

food hygiene signScilly food businesses are going to be assessed again to make sure they meet food hygiene laws.

The inspections can be reintroduced following the Council’s appointment of an Environmental Health Officer.

Businesses including pubs, cafés and takeaways will be graded out of five and have to display their scores.

Two years ago the majority of Scilly retailers achieved good ratings.

Zoe Parry is Assistant Manager at the Star Castle Hotel, which scored 5 out of 5.

She says that the system assures the public that they are dining in a restaurant with an excellent hygiene certificate behind it.

Euan Rodger of Tanglewood Kitchen also had top marks. He says the scores, which have to be displayed, “create consumer confidence.”

And if businesses have nothing to hide, there’s no problem, says Euan.

Amelia Mills of Speros sees the value of the scheme and says it’s just a case of setting up systems.

But there’s been additional workload for restaurateurs opening for this season. All food allergies have to be listed.

It’s not part of the food ratings, but it is food labelling and falls under Trading Standards rules.

Amelia says it’s time consuming, especially for restaurants that change specials regularly, because all ingredients must be listed and staff made aware of these.

She says she understands why it’s required, but it does add to the amount of paperwork for a small seasonal business.

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