St Mary’s Harbour News Update

Here’s the Harbour Update from St Mary’s Harbourmaster, Dale Clark.


Astor on Wednesday 29th (approx. 500 pax.) for one day and the Sea Explorer (approx.. 100 pax.) on the Thursday 30th who will remain in the Roads until 5pm on Saturday 2nd May. Le Boreal (approx. 250 pax) will also visit on Saturday the 2nd May.


Arromanches is expected to return during the week on

The JML 35 barge has the completed receipt fram aboard and is stationed adjacent to the jack-up rig. The frame will be lifted into position this weekend or – if it is not possible the barge will be returned to the Nut Rock moorings until gig weekend is completed

Jack-up Barge – The jack-up barge will be returned to its previous position adjacent to the seaward side of the quay on the 28th and will remain there until after gig weekend

Vulcan 2 – She will remain in attendance throughout the week.

Temporary Moorings – As a reminder, Kier have installed 2 temporary moorings at Nut Rock and one at Innisidgen. Both the moorings at Nut Rock have strops attached. Lights are being fitted to these moorings by Kier as soon as they arrive.

There is a potential for the concrete barge (Stemat 85) to arrive prior to gig weekend depending on the progress of the Receipt frame.


Balcony – The steel work for the balcony and freight office is on order and is expected in June

Freight/ticket office –The temporary freight/ticket office is now in full operation for freight enquiries and also Scillonian passengers. An additional check-in window has been established to assist in throughput of passengers boarding the Scillonian

Dredging works – Dredging is completed and KML equipment (dredge barge, Morlander and New Ross) has been returned to the mainland. CCD are continuing to clear the dredge site of silt ready for the receipt frame

Pedestrian walkway – It is hoped that the walkway will be completed in advance of gig weekend. The majority of the walkway is now completed and open for use

Chillers/freezers – It is hoped that work on the base for these will start this coming week once all permissions have been granted. The temporary chiller will be in action from Monday next week for the ISSCo.