Scilly’s Low Crime Figures Fell Further Last Year

police station 4There’s been a 14% overall reduction in crime in Scilly in the year between April 2014 and the end of last month.

The figures have been released by Devon and Cornwall Police.

There aren’t many crimes committed in Scilly with 70 recorded during the last year compared with 82 over the same period in 2013.

There was a marked increase in violent crimes that did not result in injury, up from 8 to 13 incidents. This category could include people squaring up for a fight or shoving without physically hurting someone.

It also covers racially motivated incidents and Sergeant Colin Taylor says there was one in August. A person was touched but there where was no injury.

Colin says a witness reported that racial words were used, so it was recorded as a racial assault.

4 burglaries from property were recorded compared to 3 during the year before.

But shoplifting cases increased significantly, with 6 recorded in the last year. There weren’t any during the previous period.

Sgt Taylor says those incidents have included some on the off-islands as well as St Mary’s and in some cases it was apparent that criminals had travelled here with the intention of taking goods.

Colin says shopkeepers are generally good at spotting customers who are acting suspiciously and they should warn the police and other business owners as soon as possible.

Theft, other than stealing from shops or homes, is down 55% from 38 to 17 crimes. That covers taking bikes without owners’ consent.

Colin has had a crackdown on bike theft but he says he is also aware that locals have been reporting missing bikes on social media and not reporting incidents to police, which may explain the reduction.

Colin has reiterated that he won’t investigate crimes discussed on social media unless islanders report them to him or other members of the police team.

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