Scilly’s Healthwatch Want You To Rate Local Services

Carol Clarke from Healthwatch

Carol Clarke from Healthwatch

You may be used to rating hotels and restaurants on Tripadvisor. Now islanders are being asked to grade mainland or St Mary’s hospitals, the Health Centre or Council Social Services in a similar way.

All households in Scilly should now have the Islands’ Healthwatch survey. The independent body is a watchdog that can hold health and social service providers to account.

Manager Carol Clark wants islanders to grade their experiences of NHS or Council services so that Healthwatch can address any areas that appear problematic.

You’ll be able to rate them from ‘poor’ to ‘excellent.’

Carol says the opinions shared in these annual surveys are “priceless,” and based on previous feedback, they’ve added a specific section for you to record your views on medical travel.

Carol assures islanders that the body you’re praising or complaining about will not be able to identify you, even though they’ll be informed of the points you raise.

She says the comments are transcribed and lightly edited if necessary to ensure you remain anonymous.

There’s normally a 20% response rate to this survey, which is considered large enough to see whether any issues are emerging.

And Carol says it is also important for locals to report what you’re happy with, so Healthwatch can inform authorities who want to change procedures that appear to be working well.

Healthwatch maintain that decision makers do consider the survey findings.

The Head of Quality and Care at the Royal Cornwall Hospital has already emailed Carol to say they are looking forward to reading replies and acting on the feedback.

If your home has not received a copy, and there’s one per household, you can contact Healthwatch for another. You need to send it back by the 8th May.