Fruit Stall Design Wins Prize For Tresco and Bryher Pupil

Alex McMurray with his winning design

Alex McMurray with his winning design

Children at the Tresco and Bryher school base should find grabbing a piece of fruit easier thanks to a brand new stall designed by one of its own pupils.

Free fruit is now provided to all infant children as part of the government’s healthy eating campaign.

But teacher Susannah Gates said it was becoming a problem with the pupils crowding around the bowl each day.

So staff devised a competition for the fourteen children at the school to create something that would keep the fruit fresh, have a bin for leftovers to be thrown away and was also rat and bird proof.

And the winner, picked by head Teacher Linda Todd, was 11-year-old Tresco-resident Alex McMurray.

Alex says he used the internet to research his ideas, which he then brought together in his design.

He described the new stall as “a sort of green-painted wooden box with ventilated doors and a waterproof roof.”

Alex says it’s now much easier for the children to go out and help themselves to the fruit whenever they want during breaks.

He won £20 of Amazon vouchers for his work.

Susannah says the stall will also be used to store the vegetables that the children grow each year in the school garden and are eaten during their mealtimes.