Councillor Confused By Mixed Messages Over uPVC

wesleyan chapel 2Councillors have allowed an Ennor Close homeowner to replace timber cladding on a former Council house with fake wood panelling.

But Cllr Adrian Davis said the application “confused” him as the same planning meeting had just discussed whether uPVC was environmentally sound and suitable in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Adrian wanted to know whether the material, called Fortex, would help insulate the home or was simply being added for appearance.

That information hadn’t been provided.

The cladding will be a pale sand colour. Adrian pointed out that most homes in the street were white and the neighbouring house was green.

In her report, Planning Officer Lisa Walton said many of the 1960s homes in Old Town featured cladding, so the work wouldn’t detract from the conservation area.

Members agreed and granted the request.

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