St Mary’s Methodist Chapel Could Get New Flexible Interior

The Methodist Chapel, St Mary's

The Methodist Chapel, St Mary’s

The interior of St Mary’s Methodist Chapel could be remodelled.

The Church Council has launched a feasibility study into creating a more flexible space for worship and community events.

Gordon Bird has put together proposals, which include removing the pews and pulpit in favour of chairs, which could easily be moved around to suit any use.

The church balconies would stay but there would be new glazed doors and panels at the entrance to the building to increase the level of light.

It’s also been suggested that a coffee bar could be created to cater for special functions and to build a revenue stream.

Rev Charlie Gibbs says raising the cash for the refurbishment will present the greatest challenge. Carpeting the area, upgrading the heating system and adding better audiovisual equipment will cost a lot, he says, but it will make it a more useable space.

He says that when mainland churches first adopted this more contemporary approach twenty years ago it was very controversial, but has now become commonplace.

Charlie has hosted a number of events to encourage the community into the church recently, including Scalextric sessions.

He feels it’s a shame that it only really gets used for a couple of hours each Sunday and feels more could be made of the space, all year around, if the furniture wasn’t fixed.

Church representatives have already spoken with the Council’s Planning Department about their vision and the Methodist District would also have to approve any changes.