‘Emotional Farewell’ As Katie The Bus Leaves Scilly

katie6The man who has bought Scilly’s well-known vintage bus, ‘Katie’, says it was “an emotional farewell” as she finally left St Mary’s on Monday.

Simon Hendra, who owns the Bordeaux shop in Hugh Town but lives in Cornwall, has bought the bus especially for his daughter’s wedding in July.

She’s also called Katie.

A previous attempt to sell the vehicle to a Gretna Green businessman failed last year after delays with transport off the islands.

This time Kier Construction, who are working on the St Mary’s quay project, came to the rescue with a lift on their landing craft.

Simon says Katie will now undergo a wedding makeover for July, when she will be used to transport guests to and from the church at St Feock near Truro.

She’ll then be used for personal pleasure trips.

And he says it would be fantastic to see her return to the islands again one day.

Former owner Glynne Lucas reluctantly decided to sell because of the cost of maintaining the 1948-built bus in Scilly’s harsh marine climate.

He says it’s only fair that the “old girl” is sent away and feels that Simon is the ideal man to take the bus on.


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