Scilly’s Guides Smash Fundraising Target With All Night Cycle Event

guides cycle challenge Apr 2015Scilly’s Girl Guides have raised £2,208 for the summer trip from an all-night cycling fundraiser at the weekend.

It was Wez Swain who suggested that the girls should cover the 704-mile return road distance between Land’s End and the Tolmers camp in Hertfordshire using gym bikes.

They did this during the 16 hours and 39 minutes challenge at the Church Hall.

Isabella, one of the Guides who took part, says the three teams pedalled in 30-minute sessions, although she admits it was hard to get any rest in the break periods.

Some of the girls did manage to sleep and Amber thought that it was fun waking up to start a peddling shift.

While Evie says it wasn’t easy staying on the gym bike for long periods because “the seats were really uncomfortable.”

Organiser Wez Swain says the guides had a big target to raise and felt it was better to try to do this with one big challenge rather than lots of smaller events.

He says it was tough and they all did “exceptionally well.”

And Wez is pleased by the community support too.

Many islanders called into the Church Hall during the challenge – Kier staff have offered £200 and Lloyds Bank workers did a stint on the bikes too. They’ve raised an extra £500 towards the trip.

Wez says the Guides would like to thank everyone from the islands and beyond for the tremendous support shown for this event.

If anyone else would like to support them, you can call into Home Hardware and speak to Fiona Robson.

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