New Photographic Book Documents Work Of An Islands’ Craftsman

Peter Martin photographed by Annie Cole

Peter Martin photographed by Annie Cole

A new book will feature images of one of the islands’ foremost craftsmen at work.

Somerset-based photographer Annie Cole spent a day recording boat builder Peter Martin as he undertook renovations on the gig Shah.

Annie says she came across his gig shed at Porthloo by chance, while holidaying here with her father, a sailor and regular visitor to the islands.

He’s also a boat builder and Annie said it was like “a flashback in time to my childhood,” because the activity and smell of wood shavings were so similar to her own father’s shed.

Her work is part of a collective project called ‘A Place In A Day,’ where the photographer picks a particular location and spends a single day capturing the details there.

Annie said she not only took pictures of Peter at work, but also many of the Shah at unusual angles and even the tools, which Peter has collected over a lifetime.

She’s sent a copy of the book as well as some mounted photographs to Peter, who now lives on the mainland after retiring from the boatbuilding business. And she says Peter and his wife Fiona were pleased to have a record of his work in the boatshed.

Annie has also been working on a second book project called ‘Hidden Scillies’ where she’s tried to capture images of the islands that most tourists pass by.

She spent time in 2013 with islander Ray Jackman, who gave her a tour of the less visited parts of St Mary’s.

And Annie says that resulted in some pretty unusual photos, such as a moss covered Buddha under a tree in Holy Vale, a pig farm, an old pushbike on the industrial estate and a standing stone in a field.

She also wanted to capture objects that would be gone in the blink of an eye, such as a beach sculpture that someone had made out of cuttlefish bones that would be destroyed on the next tide.

You can see Annie’s work at the Exposure47 website here and her book on Peter Martin will be available later this year to order.

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