Banning uPVC Windows ‘As Outdated As Hanging Witches’ Claims Scilly Councillor

hugh town housesCouncillors have been told that banning uPVC windows would be a retrograde step, like reverting to quills pens and hanging witches.

Gordon Bilsborough’s outburst came in last week’s Planning meeting. Councillors were discussing a questionnaire to be sent to all residents that will shape the local plan – the blueprint for future development on the islands.

Locals will be asked whether they want plastic windows and doors restricted because of their environmental harm.

Planning Chief Craig Dryden told Gordon that the Council wasn’t necessarily going to block them and that the survey is designed to stimulate discussion.

But Gordon told Radio Scilly that he feels there’s “a strong body on the Council” who seem to be anti-uPVC window.

Gordon believes homeowners should have a choice and says the Council itself has been inconsistent by approving replacing windows in its own properties with plastic versions, while opposing them in private homes.

Council officers have previously argued that uPVC can degenerate and discolour quickly in Scilly’s powerful UV light.

Gordon’s not convince by that argument that plastic doesn’t look so good. He says that its quality has improved and believes the environmental damage is equivalent to wooden windows, which need to be painted.

He says he’s walked down many streets and has struggled to spot the difference between wood and uPVC windows, and he says he hasn’t seen any that have changed colour.

Gordon says he won’t suggest how locals should respond, but he would like residents to carefully consider the question when they get the survey.

He asked the meeting what would happen if 98% of locals responded and said they backed plastic windows. Chairman Amanda Martin said the consultation was designed to represent local opinion in the planning policy.

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