New Council Worker Needs Accommodation In Scilly

Radio Scilly has been contacted with this appeal for accommodation. It is from a man who has been offered work in the Planning Dept. If you can help, email us or call Radio Scilly and we’ll pass on David’s mobile number.

" I have been offered a job with the Council and need to find somewhere to live on St Mary’s. I’ve been told that the radio station might be the best way to ask if anyone on the island could assist me. I need somewhere as from mid-May.
I’m basically after a lodging of some sort, anywhere on the island of St Mary’s. The job is permanent (and full-time) and I am looking for somewhere to live on an on-going basis. So if anyone has a spare room which they’d like to offer to me (and earn rent of course) could they get in contact?

A little about me: 27 years old, male, professional, non-smoker.

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