St Mary’s Harbour Update 18th April


· Toilets and showers – The sink has been replaced in the shower cubicle. All are open and operational
· Moorings – All the electric and water bollards on the inner berth are now back in operation
· Pontoon – There are some minor works to undertake to complete the installation of the pontoon for this season. These will be carried out when staffing levels and weather allow
· Pegasus – The damage sustained last week has been repaired and the vessel has returned to the Islands

CRUISE SHIPS – the Azores visit has been cancelled.

·Landing craft ‘Arromanches’ is due on Sunday evening to offload freight for Kier. At this time it is anticipated she will discharge her cargo at Porthloo slip

The tug ‘Polmear’ is due to arrive in the Harbour on Monday (20th). Her primary job is to standby for push/pull operations during the arrival and departure of the larger ISSCo vessels during the Kier quay extension project

The barge JML35, which is currently located on Porthloo beach, will be moved out to the Nut Rock mooring this evening. The receipt frame for the concrete blocks which make up the structure of the quay extension is on-board and is ready to be put in place once the final cleaning of the sea bed has been completed

Jack-up Barge – The jack-up barge remains on the seaward side of the main quay. This is due to be moved to its working position next week

Vulcan 2 – The tug Vulcan 2 arrived back in the Islands this week with CCD divers. She remains on station between the Harbour and the moorings at Nut Rock

Temporary Moorings – As a reminder, Kier have installed 2 temporary moorings at Nut Rock and one at Innisidgen. Both the moorings at Nut Rock have strops attached

· Balcony – The steel work for the balcony is under construction, we await a delivery date from Kier
· Freight/ticket office –The temporary freight/ticket office is now in full operation for freight enquiries and also Scillonian passengers. An additional check-in window has been established to assist in throughput of passengers boarding the Scillonian
· Dredging works – CCD divers are now on site and are working with Kier/KML to ensure the area of dredged sea bed is within tolerance to accept the receipt frame mentioned previously. At the time of writing it is estimated that there will be one more load to be discharged from the Morlander to complete this task
Pedestrian walkway – Work continues on the walkway with recent indications suggesting completion at the end of next week