Prospective UKIP MP Says Scilly’s Transport Should Be Subsidised

graham calderwood ukipUKIP’s prospective MP for Scilly believes our transport should be subsidised and says we won’t be disadvantaged if the UK pulls out of Europe.

Graham Calderwood was visiting the islands yesterday in the run up to the general election on 7th May.

Graham told Radio Scilly that he would lobby to get a helicopter route back to Scilly, and believes the government should underwrite the service.

He said it was “a great shame” that we lost the heliport in Penzance in favour of “yet another supermarket.”

Graham also says we need to start thinking about a replacement for the Scillonian III and again feels that government money could be used to fund that.

He says if government cash was offered to a new helicopter service then the Steamship Company should offer be offered financial support for the boat.

Currently EU and UK government competition laws mean that the impact of funding on one service needs to be assessed before subsidy can be considered. But Graham thinks Scilly’s case should be viewed as different.

And he says whoever is “holding the purse strings” after the election needs to be made aware of the islands’ unique problems with water and sewage supply.

If we need money, says Graham, then Scilly of all places should get it.

UKIP have advocated pulling out of Europe in their manifesto, released earlier this week.

From Radio Scilly

Graham Calderwood from UKIP talks to Radio Scilly

We asked Graham whether he felt that could impact on Scilly, particularly given the level of EU funding we receive.

He says the money isn’t the EU’s, but ours, claiming that Cornwall contributes twice the amount it receives in grants.

Graham says a UKIP government would also cut the foreign aid budget and scrap the High Speed 2 rail line, freeing up more money to be spent in the UK’s poorer areas.

He believes the priorities should be decided locally rather than by ‘European bureaucrats’ and says having a UKIP MP would give more clout about where that money would be spent.

Graham rejects the accusation that his party is racist. He says their manifesto talks about ‘space’ not ‘race’ because EU directives mean we’ll have to accommodate up to 10m more immigrants by 2020.

That’s putting pressure on services and wages, he says.

He feels that they’ve also been treated unfairly by the media who “pounce” on anything they say that’s wrong, while giving the benefit of the doubt to other parties.

Graham says he’s hoping to learn more about islanders specific problems during his visit and feels his party can repeat their success at the last European elections.


The full list of candidates for the General Election in the St Ives constituency, which covers Scilly, is:

Tim Andrewes – Green Party

Graham Calderwood – UK Independence Party

Andrew George – Liberal Democrats

Cornelius Olivier – Labour Party

Rob Simmons –  Mebyon Kernow

Derek Thomas – Conservative Party

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