Harbour Works Unlikely To Be Completed Until March 2016

st marys quay harbourside1It now looks like the building work to widen St Mary’s quay won’t be completed until at least March next year.

The delay has been caused by the discovery of contaminated material on the seabed and the need to design completely new foundations and alter the building methods used.

Project Manager on behalf of Cornwall Council, Phil Osmond, says the new design is now sufficiently advanced to be able to forecast an accurate completion date of 11th March 2016.

But it’s still subject to approval by the Marine Management Organisation, and by the Council’s Planning Committee, because the quay is a Listed Building.

Work can’t start until the MMO has signed it off.

Harbourmaster Dale Clark says the delay is “disappointing” and adds that his team will continue to press the contractors to complete the work as quickly and safely as possible.

The plan to lengthen the quay is still on track to be completed by early August.

But Dale says other aspects of the project, such as improving the freight stores and the Harbourside building, are also tied into the widening, which he feels is “the most important part” of the whole scheme.

He says that so far, the work hasn’t caused any delays to Scillonian III, cruise ship or tripper boat passengers and he says the disruption after last year’s storms was far worse.

Dale feels that most of the inconvenience at the moment is visual with returning visitors being the ones most likely to notice the onging building work. He says, “whether there is noise or disruption to their holiday, that’s where the problems will come in.”

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