RNLI Urging Adults To Set Good Example

lifeboat rnli flag and harbourScilly’s RNLI Press Officer Steve Watt is urging adults to lead by example and use water safety equipment in front of children this summer.

The charity has been promoting their ‘Respect the Water’ initiative nationally, which recommends that anyone sailing or kayaking wears a lifejacket or flotation device.

Next month schoolchildren won’t be allowed to undergo instruction at the Monday sailing sessions at Porthmellon Sailing Centre without the safety kit.

Steve Watt says the same should apply to all water users.

He says the youngsters in Scilly now use lifejackets automatically because they’re so used to it, but he’s noticed many of their parents don’t seem to bother.

He doesn’t know whether that’s because they’re just complacent or actively resist the idea.

Steve says some locals think they can cope without the need for a flotation device but it’s “leaving safety to chance.”

He says while some people have been using the water for decades without mishap, accidents can happen at any time and you never know when.

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