Airport Scheme Could Be Altered Following Feedback

airport nov 2014The new St Mary’s Airport scheme will be altered just months after the multimillion pound project was completed.

The Vice Chairman of the Council’s Transport Committee Steve Sims says plans for changing the front of the building could be published later this week.

Some islanders and councillors have been critical of the remodelling and have expressed safety concerns about the new parking arrangements in front of the terminal, including the potential for costly insurance claims.

The controversial project was given the go-ahead using permitted development rights, which means that it didn’t go before the Planning Committee like most planning applications.

Cllr Sims says the authority will also publish islanders’ views and comments on the completed airport building, following a public event to gauge opinion in February.

At the time, Council Chairman Amanda Martin said she was “anxious” to hold an open day event, in view of all the correspondence she had been receiving from people about the airport changes.

She asked for a suggestion box for ideas, and said it would be good to publish “the printable ones” so the public could feel they have some say.

Some locals had already aired strong views by then. Former Steamship Company Chairman, Barneslie Ward, described the new terminal as “ghastly.”

Cllr Sims says he’s had input to responding to locals’ comments, which will be made public soon.

Radio Scilly has also contacted the Council following reports that members of the public had been able to access the interior of the terminal building, including the control tower, out-of-hours.

The Council has denied this, saying the main terminal building is locked after hours and entry can only be made with a key or security card depending on the entry point to the building.

They add that all the internal doors are security pass controlled to restrict access to various parts of the building, including Air Traffic Control, the fire section, the baggage area and the operator offices.

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