Big Scoring Year For World’s Smallest Football League

football garrison field sign 1The Secretary of St Mary’s Football Club says it’s been a good season for the game in Scilly, with 137 goals scored over 21 games.

On match this year resulted in a 17-2 scoreline and Andrew Hicks said if that happened in the Premier League, “the goal bonuses would have bankrupted it.”

The Garrison Gunners walked away with the League Cup, presented during an end of season event at the Scillonian Club last Saturday.

The Gunners also won the Seasalt Cup and the Charity Shield, while the Woolpack Wanderers took the two-leg Foredeck Cup by a narrow 8-7 aggregate score.

Joel Ware was awarded the Golden Boot for scoring 25 goals this season.

The Player of the Year title, voted for by the opposite team, was presented to Anthony Gibson from the Wanderers and Liam Greenlaw from the Gunners.

Andrew says membership of the club varies from year to year and is “good enough” at the moment but they’re always keen to recruit new players.

The club features a wide age range. The Boxing Day over 35s versus under 35s game is always well attended and the average age of the older team is in the 40s.

But Andrew says the age at regular matches seems to be coming down a bit with more lads in their 20s involved, although the oldest member, Chas Wood, is still playing in his 70’s.

Andrew joked that some only stop playing “when they’re in Park House or laid to rest in Old Town.”

He says the world’s media remains interested in the small size of our league, which features just two teams who play each other each week, especially since the Adidas advert was filmed in Scilly.

German and Japanese film crew have been to the islands this season to report on the league, which Andrew says is something the club encourages. He feels with all the money in modern football, it’s still nice to see the game being played in the “grassroots spirit.”