Police Looking For Witnesses To Beach Damage

beach damage porthmellonSt Mary’s police are looking for witnesses after the part of the walkway down to Porthmellon Beach was vandalised late on Friday night.

The wooden slats that support the handrail alongside the steps between the gig shed and Speros restaurant were ripped out and burned on a beach bonfire.

PC Mat Crowe made a final patrol of the area at 11pm and there was no activity there. The damage and the aftermath of the bonfire were discovered on Saturday morning.

Sergeant Colin Taylor says the police now have a list of eighteen locals who might have been involved and more names keep being offered. They are all adults.

He’s aware that some islanders claim to know who did it, but he needs witnesses to offer written statements. Without that evidence, he says, the police are powerless to act.

Colin says he’s conscious that people might want to hold beach parties this summer because the Porthcressa disco won’t be open this season. But he says that leaving mess on the beach or committing criminal damage is not acceptable.

In 2005, Council concern about alcohol-related crime and disorder led to the creation of nondrinking areas on some beaches and in parts of Hugh Town.

Colin says he will firm up the legality of any orders with the Council.

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