Big Hit For Bad Buggy Site

golf buggy montageA website that features examples of badly driven golf buggies has become a big hit in Scilly over the weekend.

The Facebook page ‘**** Parking Golf Buggy Style’ is not very complimentary about drivers of the vehicles, which have been caught on camera parked on blind junctions, left jutting out on the highway or have obstructed Hugh Town’s pavements.

Some of the buggies pictured have been hired out to visitors and some are operated by islanders.

Michael Pritchard of the Scilly Cart Company says he’s been made aware of the website. He stresses that anyone hiring buggies from his business is given a ten-minute talk on their operation and they are advised that normal road rules apply.

Some local commentators have asked online what the police are doing about poor standards, as the drivers have the same obligations as regular motorists.

Sergeant Colin Taylor of St Mary’s Police says he won’t respond to comments on social media and if anyone has a genuine concern or complaint they’ll need to contact him at the station.

Around 400 people have now liked the Facebook site and one local has called for an end-of-season award for the “best of the worst.”

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