St Mary’s Harbour And Porthloo Work Update April 11th

St Mary’s Harbourmaster Dale Clark has provided Radio Scilly with this update.]

· Dredging works – We are now in the final stages of dredging and it is expected that these works will be completed by the end of the weekend.

· Jack-up Barge – The jack-up barge has now been placed on the seaward side of the main quay. At present it does not overhang the end of the quay but during the week she will be moved and will overhang by approx. 27m

· JML 35 barge – The JML 35 arrived last Sunday and was unloaded during Tuesday PM and Wednesday AM. She is now moored on Porthloo beach and will be towed out when the receipt frame has been assembled on her deck. It is expected that this will be on Friday 17th.

· Stemet 85 barge – The barge that brought the crane (Stemat 85) remains in Plymouth with the tug Indus and has been loaded with the concrete blocks ready for delivery to St. Mary’s.

· Vulcan 2 – The tug Vulcan 2 departed St. Mary’s today and is now in Falmouth. She will load dive equipment tomorrow and be back in Scilly on Monday

· Pegasus – Unfortunately Pegasus sustained damage to the tube on her port side fwd during the pilotage of the jack-up. She has been taken to Falmouth for repairs and will be back in St. Mary’s on Wednesday

· Porthloo –The sea defence works at Porthloo have for the time being been halted until the removal of the dredge material from the green.

· Landing craft – Arromanches will be delivering freight to the Rechabite slipway on Saturday. Upon completion she will depart and will return during next week with additional freight (not yet confirmed if Rechabite is required). Morlander will remain throughout the week.

· Pontoon – The end finger of the pontoon will be re-instated this coming week now that the jack-up barge has been removed.

· Freight/ticket office –The temporary freight/ticket office is now in full operation for freight enquiries and also Scillonian passengers. An additional check-in window has been established to assist in throughput of passengers boarding the Scillonian.

· Balcony – The 16 pad foundations for the balcony support columns have now been completed. A thin layer of concrete has been laid over the pads until the steelwork arrives. This finish is temporary.

·Moorings – All harbour moorings have been re-instated ready for the start of the season. The electric and water bollards on the inner berth will be back in operation this week.

· Temporary Moorings – As a reminder, Kier have installed 2 temporary moorings at Nut Rock and one at Innisidgen. Both the moorings at Nut Rock have strops attached.

·Toilets and showers – These are now fully open and available for use. We are replacing one of the sinks in the showers and this will be completed this week

· Scillonian III – The ship is now continuing with her normal 6 day schedule.

· Gry Maritha – The Gry will continue with her normal programme of 3 visits per week and will be running as normal on Good Friday and Easter Monday.

· Cruise Vessels- A good start to the cruise ship season this week with the Marco Polo making the first of 3 visits. Our next ship is the Azores on the 18th April.

· Pedestrian walkway – Work has started on the laying of the new pedestrian walkway and will continue throughout the week. Areas to the newly laid sections will be re-opened when the grouting is completed.

As we approach what will be the busiest event of the season the harbour will undoubtedly be a focal point for many of our visiting tourists. With more and more boats arriving into the harbour, the continued works and also increasing

visitors may I ask that you all highlight or report any areas of concern to harbour staff. We are working hard to ensure that there is minimal disruption from the quay works and appreciate you support and patience during what is a testing

time for all who work here.