Council Wants Rat Catcher For Moorwell Dump

rubbish dump 3The Council wants to hire a rat catcher for the Moorwell dump.

They’re asking licensed pest controllers to bid for a six-month contract to control rodents and cockroaches on the site.

The area is currently undergoing significant remodelling, with the remaining rubbish being shipped off to a mainland landfill site and the development of a household recycling centre.

Concerns over possible infestations by pests were raised in 2013, before the work to remove the old waste to the mainland began.

Some islanders and homeowners living near the dump voiced concern that the area could be affected by vermin dislodged when the waste pile comes down.

But at the time, Nigel Cronin from the Council’s waste consultants SLR said the rats were living in the soil heaps on the dump, rather than in the black bag waste that formed the ‘Alp,’ which was the first material to be moved.

The Council says the changes are now likely to disturb the rat nests in these soil areas.

Any contractor bidding for the work will need to produce a pest control plan, taking into account the ongoing changes at the site and how they’ll target rats and cockroaches without affecting other animals that may be in the area.

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