Islanders Unhappy After Being Axed From Travel Club Scheme

steamship company signIslanders who spend more than four months away from Scilly could lose their Steamship Company Travel Club membership.

And some locals say they are unhappy to learn that they’ve been axed from the residents’ discount fare scheme because they’ve chosen to spend more time upcountry or abroad in their retirement.

Around 20 of the 2,000 Travel Club memberships have been cancelled recently.

Radio Scilly spoke to two of those locals yesterday. They have been informed that they won’t be reissued with Travel Club ID because records reveal how long they’ve been off the islands.

Both islanders, who didn’t want to be named, felt that the company could only know their movements because they are now the sole travel provider.

One complainant argued that St Mary’s remains her home and is the place where she is registered to vote.

The Steamship Company fund the scheme voluntarily and they say the criteria for membership have not always been correctly and consistently enforced.

In the past, some passengers have received discounts when they were ineligible for the scheme.

The company had received complaints about non-residents taking advantage of the privilege, so they are reinforcing the rules.

Travel Club members now need to demonstrate that they are resident here for most of the year and for twelve months before they first apply.

The Steamship Company says that they’ll keep the rules under review and they’ll reassess their decisions if locals can demonstrate that they do meet the criteria.

One unhappy local is said to be considering legal advice on the matter.

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