Former Islander Steps In To Help Ski Trip Pupils

mark twynham 2A former islands’ resident has stepped in to accommodate Scilly schoolchildren after transport problems jeopardised their Easter ski trip.

Parents of Penryn College pupils wouldn’t let the children board the double-decker bus that was booked for the joint schools trip to Italy on 28th March.

Some mums and dads seeing off their kids have alleged that the vehicle wasn’t up to the standard they had expected.

While mainland school staff phoned around for an alternative operator for the 26-hour journey, Mark Twynham offered food and accommodation for the Scilly students and two staff at Mullion Golf Club.

He’s the club Steward and his daughter Lucy was part of the island’s ski-trip party.

The trip cost around £900 each and whilst some parents were anxious, the six island pupils weren’t too upset by the delay as Mark says everyone was kept well informed by PE teacher Martin Songhurst.

And the despite missing the first day of the skiing holiday, Mark says the trip turned out well with the students spending 29 hours on the slopes, which is 4 hours longer than they had expected.

Jeremy Pearson, who was the second Scilly staff member attending, says credit should be given to the Penryn College staff for a “monumental effort” organising replacement coaches.

The trip would have otherwise have been cancelled.