Popular Family Holiday Website Says Scilly Is ‘Perfect’

kirstie pellingThe islands will receive a positive report on a leading family holiday review website.

Kirstie Pelling has just spent a week here with her husband and three children, aged 9, 12   and 14.

They rate destinations and outdoor experiences for thousands of regular readers of their ‘Family Adventure Project’ website.

The group were invited over by the Islands’ Partnership and stayed on St Mary, where they enjoyed golfing, buggy rides, horse riding, gig rowing, inter-island boating and cycling during their Easter break.

Kirstie says they’ve reviewed islands like Iceland and the Faeroes previously and they’ll tell their followers that Scilly is easy to reach and affordable for a family of five to visit

And she says the kids in particular can be quite critical when reviewing their trips, but Scilly passed with flying colours.

She says there was nothing that wasn’t “pretty perfect” during the weekend.

Kirstie says the pace of life on the islands was a huge contrast to the mainland. Their first stop when they returned was at a motorway services on the M5 and after seeing the branded chains and restaurants there, she says they longed to be back on the islands.

Kirstie’s site has 12,000 followers on Twitter and 3,000 on Facebook, and the articles will be seen by a focussed audience of families wanting fun holidays.

You’ll be able to read the finished reviews here.



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