Claim Of Unfair Treatment By Yachting Article

sailing boats porthcressa bayThe islands’ Maritime Officer says Scilly has not been treated fairly by a popular sailing magazine.

Steve Watt has challenged comments by Yachting Monthly’s writer Tom Cunliffe over the recently introduced commercial moorings at Porthcressa.

The author says that charging for the space “saddens the heart.” He writes that the bay providers a safe haven in windy conditions but since the fee paying facility started, if sailors “can find an available mooring at all, you must pay for your salvation.”

Steve says those remarks are “unbalanced” because frequent visitors to Scilly know there are plenty of safe, free moorings around the islands including Green Bay on Bryher, Porthconger on St Agnes and Watermill off St Mary’s.

And he says it could dissuade sailors from visiting.

Back in 2012, the Marine Management Organisation granted a licence for St Mary’s-based Charlie Carss to install twenty moorings at Porthcressa.

Steve says it costs money to maintain and insure those fixed moorings so it’s not fair for the article to complain that there’s a fee for their use.

We’ve not heard back from the magazine yet.

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