Islands Are ‘Healthiest Rural District In The UK’ Says Report

hugh town from BuzzaThe Isles of Scilly have been given the title of ‘the healthiest rural district in the UK.’

It’s part of the Rural Quality of Life survey, published by the Halifax Bank.

They used data from several government departments, including the Office of National Statistics, to rank the quality of 121 smaller local authority districts with less than 10,000 inhabitants.

The authors say 97% of householders in Scilly rated themselves in “good or fairly good health.”

That was the highest of anywhere in the country, even though the islands also has one of the oldest populations.

The British average was 94.6%.

The islands’ Lead GP, Dr John Garman, says the figure correlates with the uptake of the NHS health check programme, which has significantly higher figures than the national average.

John says people here seem to be proactive about their health and tend to live fairly active, outdoor lives, which helps with a sense of wellbeing.

When coupled with the fact that we have very low levels of unemployment, he says, it’s not surprising that people feel better about their health than average.

Overall the area with best quality of life was found to be the tiny county of Rutland in the East Midlands, based on a range of factors including education, housing, the environment, health and the local jobs market.

Scilly failed to make the top 50.