St Mary’s Firm Begins New Moorwell Contract

moorwell dump with truckSt Mary’s-based firm United Environmental Services says a second contract to remove 150 tonnes of waste from the Moorwell dump is now “well under way.”

The rubbish is being transferred directly onto the Gry Maritha by Richard Hand Haulage using the same method as last year.

The Steamship Company has been sub-contracted to transfer the material to the mainland.

They carried the first shipment two weeks ago but postponed the second while a framework was fitted onto the Gry to make loading and handling easier. The shipments resumed last Thursday.

UES says the waste is non-hazardous and is in sealed, double-skinned bags, which aren’t placed in any part of the vessel that carries food.

It is then transferred directly from the boat to skips at Penzance quay, where it’s collected by a mainland disposal company.

The work is part of the plan by the Council to redevelop the Moorwell site. The incinerator was decommissioned late last year, which means waste must now be sent to the mainland for processing.

A contract for ongoing waste transfer has been advertised recently.

5 Responses to St Mary’s Firm Begins New Moorwell Contract

  1. Adam Morton, St.Martins April 1, 2015 at 9:07 am

    So we are seeing the dawn of a new age where SSco freight doesn’t turn up smashed,bent gashed ,squashed,soaked, absent or with forklift holes through it? Of course if the plastic double bagging arrangement were not satisfactory then they would have to use another vessel which might cost the SSco and the Council more money!Or the Council would have to get some proper sealed skips or containers. Good to hear this is not the case or one would start to think there had been some cosy management talks of mutual benefit which leave out inclusive and complete solutions to help the economy outside their mutual short term interests! We might start seeing them pictured with prospective Conservative candidates who don’t think that cost is a problem, or even going to meet the minister and telling her this is the case!
    Who knows, it could even lead one to think that the last round of EU funding gets fudged and diverted to public realm improvements so as to avoid using it to provide a selection of new vessels to serve the islands for the next thirty years! I mean if you were to spend £2.5m on roads on St.Marys for instance for 3/4 of the population, it wouldn’t stand to reason that the remaining 1/4 should see £800k spent on their transport links!

  2. pete March 31, 2015 at 11:52 am

    having carried 2 of the new bags out of St Agnes yesterday i can confirm that they are indeed completely sealed.
    the only criticism of the new bags is the eyes to lift them aren’t long enough to reach the crane hook.

  3. tom plumb March 31, 2015 at 11:29 am

    Non hazardous waste!!! I it that the UES know for certain what is in each bag then? Not everyone chucks the usual biodegradable and burnable waste into their bins you know, I dread to think what some people put in them.

  4. Adam Morton, St.Martins March 31, 2015 at 11:12 am

    They use double skinned bags from the off islands too, it doesn’t mean they are sealed tho! I hear that St.Marys doesn’t have disposable nappies so at least they and the dog waste won’t be leaching out over the deck where our fish is carried! Somehow I can’t imagine Environmental health being so accommodating to private businesses!

    • John J March 31, 2015 at 7:51 pm

      Don’t worry Adam there will not be any dog waste in the bags, these are left all along Peninnis and the Garrison!! Its not just the cost of getting to Scilly that is putting people off.